POLENSA Tile Stencil
POLENSA Tile Stencil
POLENSA Tile Stencil
POLENSA Tile Stencil
POLENSA Tile Stencil
POLENSA Tile Stencil

POLENSA Tile Stencil

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PACK OF TWO - 2x stencils with each order
We have always used 2 stencils for our own projects. Not only does this save time, but you can also cut your extra stencil down to fit into any awkward spaces.
(Single tiles include 2 x single tile stencils) 
(Multi tile packs include 1x multi tile and 1x single tile) 

Use a stencil 2mm smaller than your tiles for a neat finish. Custom sizing at NO EXTRA COST.
Order the size closest to your tile measurement, add a note asking for adjustments to be made, then email us to confirm.
Stencils include repeat markers to help keep even grout spacing when repeating the pattern across a large flat surface. These are not needed when stenciling existing tiles.
Repeat markers are automatically removed for custom sizes, if you need them for your project, request to keep them in your note. 
(Please note: Customised stencils are non-returnable.) 

These are big time savers. Do you have a large space to cover? Our multi tile stencils will help you finish your project sooner. We also include a single tile stencil, so you don’t have to cut your main stencil to fit smaller spaces.
(Multi tile stencils are not suitable for using on existing tiles.) 

Rectangular tiles? Tiles in different sizes? Tiles laid in a brick style? Crazy paving? Want to stencil your stair risers? Just send us a message with a photo of your space and any measurements you have, and we will help you out ?

Basic stenciling instructions are included with every order, but for more detailed instructions please do get in touch.

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